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Outdoor Art



I have been known to paint! ...and to to draw....just occassionally. Here's some of my outdoor art, all on 8ft high x 4 ft wide boards, using acrylic paints and sealed against the elements. In one way or another, all very personal pieces and influenced by the pleasure of figurative art.


Ashby Arts Festival 2012

My street art as part of the 2012 Festival Outdoor Gallery. In 2012 the theme was 'celebration' and the 8ft x 4ft artwork used only red white and blue.


Ashby Arts Festival 2013

Way of the Wyrd, Border Morris, at Ashby Arts Festival 2013,
including my street art as part of the Festival Outdoor Gallery


Ashby Arts Festival 2014


Theme for 2014 was Myths and legends, hence my interpretation of the Greek Goddess Diana, and of Thor


Ashby Arts Festival 2015

Theme for 2015 was Ashby Past and Present, hence my painting of show jumping at Ashby Show, now in its 101st Year! Oh, and Marie's Civil War..